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AJ01 is an accelerator for startups that can excel with the right technological support. For over a decade, our technology teams have worked with non-technical founders to transform their visions into realities. We make great ideas meet the right technology.

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Our Products

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A better way to hire talent

Tacnique is transforming tech hiring with a standardized and impartial interview platform that prioritizes instant hiring.

Tacnique helps you with,

Building your new team

Moving talent between teams

Ramping up your existing team

Outsourcing  a technical project

Got an idea in mind?

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Secure Your Digital Life

Secyore is your go-to app for enhancing your digital security across all devices.

Ultimate Security Companion

Comprehensive Task List

In-Depth Guides

 Robust Protection

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About Us

At AJ01, we are passionate about accelerating groundbreaking ideas to success. From concept to launch, we provide the tools and expertise to bring your ideas to life. We are committed to nurturing creativity and fostering innovation that makes a lasting impact.

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